Fir Vanilla

Fir Vanilla


Fir Vanilla has a unique taste and aroma and is an excellent quality unprocessed honey. Fir Vanilla with a special appearance, has a very high content of minerals and trace elements. Fir honey, as it is also called, is rich in iron, it helps a lot with stomach disorders as well as intestinal problems. An amber honey with an almost whitish color and “golden highlights” inside. With a mildly sweet and layered taste, due to the low natural sugars, dressed in a soft fir aroma.

Fir Vanilla does not crystallize mainly due to its low sugar content, which makes it unique compared to other common honeys. It is also rich in trace elements and for this reason it is very nutritious and good for health. It is still one of the rarest in the world, with a spicy taste reminiscent of butterscotch, with aromas of flowers and fir.

Μέλι Ταύγετου